“Every snowflake knows the secret. But none will ever tell.”

Joseph T. Renaldi 




Lavinkonsult is an avalanche consulting company that mainly focuses on management, mitigation, decision support, research and education in avalanche related issues.

Lavinkonsult is operated by Stefan Martensson, who has worked professionally in the avalanche industry since 2000.

Contact Information:

stefan (at) lavinkonsult (dot) se

+46 70 377 18 56

For Recreational Avalanche Courses in Sweden, please visit www.svelav.se

In the Shadow of an Avalanche!

Picture taken of Stefan during a break in the fracture line snow profile work after the 1000 meter wide and 5 meter deep skier triggered “Shiva” avalanche (Sa 4) in Abisko, Sweden on April 14, 2002. The investigations showed that “Shiva” released on a persistent weak layer of surface hoar, buried almost three months earlier in January. Unpredictable is the nature of the beast.